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Peace x Love = Unity

Heather Manor Building's community Mural

Working with Heather Manor Building's community in the creation of this mural was a profound experience in every sense.
The theme of “Peace x Love = Unity” written at the centre of the mural, has deep meaning for the community.
The community worked together during ten weeks, sharing feelings and ideas about what it means to live in a multicultural community in Canada. This idea was translated into sketches and then painted on a wall at the main lobby of their building.
My job as the Art Facilitator in this project was to translate their ideas and sketches into the final mural design and to guide their artistic inspiration and teamwork throughout the project.
During the unveiling ceremony, the members of the community explained how the mural had become “a prayer for the community”, “a representation of our community”, “our creation, our building”.
I am blessed to have shared this experience with this generous community.

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