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After cancelling my 10th year anniversary at the 4th Stage of the National Arts Centre in 2020 because of the pandemic, I am back with Miguel de Armas Quartet. What a joy and honour...

Claudia Salguero (Colombia) and Miguel de Armas (Cuba) will weave the rhythms of Latin America and Cuba in Alma Mia (My Soul, in English) an exclusive and intimate evening of latin jazz, boleros and songs.

From Cuba to Canada, the musical stylings of Miguel de Armas are nothing short of brilliant. A Havana-born pianist, Miguel is a stalwart in the world of Cuban music who has recorded over 60 albums and collaborated with an array of Cuban legends.

An Ottawa-based Colombian artist, Claudia Salguero has taken Fourth Stage audiences in musical journeys since 2011 through romantic and vibrant upbeat jazz-styled rhythms with lyrics renowned by their rich mix of poetic content.


1O YEARS celebrates Ottawa-based Colombian artist Claudia Salguero's tenth-year anniversary at the National Art Centre through a musical journey to the remote corners and eras of the Americas.

CANCELLED due to COVID.  We will celebrate next year.

Click on the image to watch a heartfelt tribute to my musicians and guests artists throughout the years.  They have made this journey possible...

Cantando mano arriba.jpg


I was meant to be celebrating 10 years of concerts at the 4th Stage, National Arts Centre ottawa on May 16th and 17th.  I am celebrating from home with this meaningful song on these difficult times.

Thanks to you and to my amazing musicians for 10 years of support. 

“Calling” (Magdalena Matthey – Chile)

Wind of the North and South, sun of my mountain range
Heaven that protects me, earth that nourishes me

Seas of blue fire, strength of the Aztecs
Tree, sacred fruit, verse of a “Violeta”

Let the wheat be wheat again
and the truth, true
Let History be rebuilt
with the blood of the stars

Return to the lost rite,
regain existence of the old roads,
wisdom and conscience

I hope, I hope

Let the Calling be heard
and let us all understand it
without forgetting the Origin, written in the fraternal language.
To be a child again, drink from maternal water, follow the course of the river, be one with nature again.

Don’t forget the rain
don’t forget the offering
Don’t forget the past
Don’t forget the trail.

Home and home: Claudia Salguero stays true to her roots through music

Claudia Salguero moved to Canada in 2001. She didn’t want to leave her hometown of Bogota, Colombia. Everyone with a chance was getting out and she didn’t really want to abandon her country and her city, but opportunity beckoned and so she moved with her family.

It was a life-changing and ultimately life-affirming decision, Salguero said in an interview.

“Somebody once asked me,” she said, “Where is home?”…

Ottawa-based Colombian artist Claudia Salguero returns to the 4th Stage, of the Ottawa's National Arts Centre to present her new show QUILLA, moon in Quechua, the ancient language of the Andes.  May 2019

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I"Last night I came back from your concert under a very well defined crescent moon and it could not have been a better closing of the evening.  Thank you for introducing me to many facets of the soul of your continent of origin and of your own soul.  Thanks to the introductions you gave to your songs, I was able to get the gist of each of them.  It was a real pleasure to see and hear the beauty, grace and aliveness you bring on stage when you sing. I was amazed by the artistry, passion and inventiveness of the musicians, and also by how the seemed to really enjoy playing together and with you".  Robert here to

After a meaningful trip to mysterious places in Colombia in 2017 and many art projects created in collaboration with people of so many origins in Ottawa, I decided to dedicate my next Latin Jazz show to Mother Earth. 

Join my fantastic musicians, our invited artists and me, for an exquisite evening of Latin jazz, Argentinian tango, Colombian cumbia, Cuban and Mexican bolero, Venezuelan joropo, Peruvian and Chilean Andean folk, Brazilian Bossa nova, Spanish rumba and North American jazz classics.

The lyrics will tell a story that I will explain for each of the songs, making our musical journey fun and inspiring.

As every year, a portion of the proceeds of this concert will go to “Casa Taller Las Moyas” a community house in a low income neighbourhood in my home town Bogota where kids and families build better lives through the arts.

       To our audience for your company and support during CANTARES and to the talented and kind musicians who accompanied me one more time. I feel blessed and fortunate. We have been working together for six years now, and every year we learn and grow more, not just as performers but also as human beings.

I feel deeply honoured and proud to be one more of the passioned Latin American artist living far from home who have the opportunity to tell out there about the richness and beauty of our culture.

Thank you Ottawa Latin Jazz Lovers for your support and for your attendance to CANTARES. The event was sold-out again and that gives us the opportunity to send a bit more funds to the kids of “Casa Taller las Moyas” in Bogotá, Colombia.

Gracias… Thank you all… Merci… 

​It was an honour and a pleasure being with you on stage at the NAC Michele. Closing the first set with a song dedicated to the Sun. My beautiful Saulteaux Anishinabeg friend Michele J Penney opened it with a prayer to the Sun, then we joined her with “Son of the shining Sun” by Joe Vasconcelos, dedicated to Latin American Indigenous people.
It was an honour and a pleasure being with you on stage at the NAC Michele🌞

Meegwetch…  “Thank You” in Native Algonquin language.

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 11.23.31

Claudia Salguero ORIGENES yearly donation to “Casa Taller las Moyas” in Colombia

I am delighted, honoured and thankful for our donation to “Casa Taller Las Moras” following ORIGENES last April. Thanks to your support for our shows we donated US$500 to this beautiful project in support of kids in need in Bogota. I am very happy to share with your their Thank You letter (brief translation below) and a photograph they sent me just today. Again, Thank You All!!

Casa Taller las Moyas
Dear Claudia, accept our warm hug from Casa Taller Las Moyas… from here at 3200 meters above sea level we want to thank you for your solidarity through your concert “ORIGENES Latin Jazz” in Ottawa with your contribution of US$500 that will help support our Project…. These funds will be used to strengthen our medicinal plant products that we grow with the kids and that form part of the productivity projects that we have to support the work we do at The House… and allow us to share knowledge, learn from one another, recognize ourselves as a community and build together, thus being better persons to one another.
Again, THANKS!

Following sold-out shows in 2011 and 2012, Ottawa-based Colombian artist Claudia Salguero returns with a new repertoire of songs from Latin America.

“ROMANTICA” April 4 & 5 , 2013

In support of Fundacion Ayuda a la Infancia in Colombia

“ROMANTICA” Two unforgettable nights at the NAC in Ottawa

The best musicians! As I said during our concert: I feel blessed being on stage with you guys. Is like being on a magic carpet, you hold me, you take me up there, you are friends and family. Love you all. THANK YOU!

Claudia and the passion of Latin American Boleros

Claudia became involved in music singing Boleros in school and in university in her native Colombia.  Later on she joined various vocal groups including the vocal group Tierra Nueva with whom she recorded an album entitled “Tiempo de Sembrar”.   Since her arrival in Canada 12 years ago she has shared her passion for Boleros with Canadian and Latin American musicians.  

In a recent interview with Radio-Canada Claudia described herself as a ‘full-time romantic’.  For her Boleros have everything to do with love.  They are a genre of music that allows us to express the bliss and the heartbreak that love brings.  According to Claudia, Boleros are the Latin American equivalent to the classic jazz of the 40s and 50s such as that interpreted by Sarah Vaughn. 

In Canada Claudia has taken jazz vocal coaching and had developed a interesting musical interaction with Jazz musicians allowing her to develop a program of Boleros that incorporates fine jazz arrangements in her shows.

Claudia’s concerts at the Fourth Stage of the National Arts Centre attract sold out audiences of Latin American music lovers. 

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