Visual artist Claudia Salguero is sprucing up Dr. John Kershman's ortho office at Bank and Heron with a large mural called Mariposa.

Tune in or play back to our segment as Giacomo chats with the artist about her recently installed mural! 

 Ottawa Citizen - Dec 20, 2018

Pinecrest Community House Mural

Salguero has designed about 20 murals in Ottawa and is thrilled to see the attitude changing, thanks in part to a growing belief that murals help prevent graffiti and can bring a neighbourhood together. Salguero is currently working on a community art project with women from the Pinecrest Terrace Community House to demonstrate how mural art can bring a community together. Video by Tony Caldwell.


Butterfly mural Ottawa’s biggest yet.

Artist’s dazzling, nine-story mural, largest nation’s capital has ever seen.

The first time Clauda Salguero proposed a mural for busy intersection in downtown Ottawa, officials nixed the idea.

“I sent a sketch and the first comment was, ‘This is an intersection. There might be an accident,'” recalls the Ottawa artist who now specializes increating art that engages the community. 

“They told me to think of something not as colourful, not as bold.”

Since then, she estimates, she’s designed about 20 murals in Ottawa and is thrilled to see the attitude changing, thanks in part to a growing belief that murals help prevent graffiti and can bring a neighbourhood together.

Feeling proud. This is the biggest mural in Ottawa.

Thanks for the great radio interview and article CBC!

A nine-storey butterfly mural in Lowertown that touches on themes of change and diversity is officially Ottawa's largest.

Transformation, which was designed by artist Claudia Salguero, adorns the outside wall of an Ottawa Community Housing apartment building at the corner of Rideau and Wurtemburg streets.

The #BeYouMural featured on CTV News.

Watch video at: CTVNews April 28th, 2018

Felling honoured by being the artist chosen to create this mural and work during the painting process with talented art students from Bell, Ridgemont, Frederick Banting, Gloucester and Merivale High Schools who are part of the Specialist High Skills Major Program in Ottawa. This was in deed a wonderful experience to all of us. This project was possible thanks to the vision and amazing team work of St Laurent Shopping Mall Centre, OCDSB, MASC and Deserres. #youthart #empowerment #murals #BeYou #BeYouMural #colombianartist


Ottawa Life Magazine

April 2018

Stop by St. Laurent this week and you’ll find high school students along with award-winning Columbian artist, Claudia Salguero, creating a mural for the BeYou campaign. This interactive, selfie mural will come to life on the giant-sized canvas (54’ x 15’) located at the former Sears entrance.

Claudia Salguero is a Community Art-Based Facilitator and award-winning Photo-fine-artist. As a MASC artist and working with different social institutions in the city, she has facilitated the creation of murals and a wide-range of arts and culture projects with children, youth, women and mature-adult groups.

“Somebody once asked me,” she said, “Where is home?”…

Claudia Salguero moved to Canada in 2001. She didn’t want to leave her hometown of Bogota, Colombia. Everyone with a chance was getting out and she didn’t really want to abandon her country and her city, but opportunity beckoned and so she moved with her family.

It was a life-changing and ultimately life-affirming decision, Salguero said in an interview.


Claudia Salguero invited the crowd of artists and volunteers at the Wabano Centre on Nov. 23, to sing along with her as she strummed her guitar.

It was a fitting end to the AOE Arts Council Neighbourhood Arts 150 project, which consisted of a burst of interactive art projects hosted since April in neighbourhoods outside of the city-centre.

Salguero, a Hunt Club resident, spearheaded the creation of a large and vibrantly coloured mural that had more than 40 pairs of hands involved in its creation. Since May, the volunteers had been meeting three times a week at the Hunt Club-Riverside Park Community Centre, where the mural will be mounted.

A new mural at the Hunt Club-Riverside Park Community Centre will brighten the old gray building. Claudia Salguero, a professional artist who oversaw its creation, supervising its installation in late December.

The icy wind lapped at the drawings in Claudia Salguero’s hand on an afternoon in late December as she shouted up instructions to the men on the roof installing her mural.

“Just move it up a little bit!” she shouts up at them. A signal of understanding comes off one of the men’s face and they re-position the piece.

Salguero has spent all day in the snow watching as _ Canadian Pride, Harmony in Cultures _ – the biggest project so far of her career as a professional art facilitator – was installed on the face of the Hunt Club-Riverside Park Community Centre.


Art above and art below, two different mediums: one of colour and brush strokes and the other in the smooth, sensual vocals of Latin America. This is the duality of Claudia Salguero. To her, however, the two are not very far apart.

“Going from teaching the techniques of digital art to painting large murals around town to singing Boleros such as “Si Dios me quita la vida”, her mother’s favourite, were not difficult transitions. She moves between her various careers as fluidly as the digital brushes that sweep across her computer screen.”

As patrons open the door to the Hunt Club-Riverside Park Community Centre, their steps slow as they take in the unique sight that greets them.

Article about our “Canadian Pride, Harmony in Cultures” mural creation for the Hunt Club-Riverside Park Community Centre.
Neighbourhood Arts 150 - L'Art des quartiers 150 AOE Arts Council | Conseil des arts AOE
“Neighbourhood Arts 150: Celebrating Ottawa Communities” is funded by Federal Government of Canada #Ontario150 and #Ottawa150
Hunt Club Community Association Riverside Park Community & Recreation Association Riley Brockington ND Graphics


“It’s not about the final product, it's about the process” says artist, Claudia Salguero

“Riverside Park artist Claudia Salguero, who has been guiding children and adults from the Ottawa Community Housing neighbourhood of Albion-Headerington through  the creation of a community mural”  

CANTARES: A Latin Jazz journey with Claudia Salguero  

Apt613 caught up with musician and visual artist Claudia Salguero in the run up to Cantares, her 6th annual Latin Jazz concert at the National Arts Centre.  A collaborative multi-cultural effort, Salguero will present a range of hand-picked Latin Jazz songs and be joined on stage by 10 musicians from nine different countries including: Peru, Colombia, Canada, Mexico, Chili, Brazil, Great Britain, Togo and the US.


“Claudia Salguero: 100% Artist in all she does"

After making the list of the 25 Top people in the Capital in 2013, Claudia Salguero was featured in the Ottawa Life Magazine as portrait artist. OLM’s  editor, Dan Donovan will use her artwork “The Ottawa’s story teller” as his signature in the “Publisher’s message by Dan Donovan” 

Claudia Salguero is a photographer and graphic designer. She also paints, sculpts, creates digital images and sings Latin jazz professionally.

Salguero moved to Ottawa from Bogotá, Colombia, in 2001. She found opportunity in Ottawa so she never left.

“I’ve been able to make my way because I do many things. I teach, I sing, I’m working with teenagers and I’m working with recycling,” says Salguero. “I’m in love with the community development and what I can do with my creativity.”

2013 Top 25 people in the Capital.

Claudia Salguero
Artistic Sensation brings her Unique Flair to Ottawa

Whether it’s digital art, photography, music or teaching, Claudia Salguero is sure to impress anyone with her extensive portfolio of work. Through her artistic endeavours, Salguero has worked hard to immortalize Latin American culture in Ottawa


Featured in the Ottawa Star 

An artist who thrives on community

Colombian-born Claudia Salguero is a multi-media artist, community art coach and Latin Jazz singer who gets a thrill not just from exploring the arts, but from sharing her creativity with those in her community - back home in Colombia and here in Ottawa.

Her next concert ORIGENES will be at the NAC in Ottawa on April 23 and 24.

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