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What is the WISDOM mural?

It is a mural project I have been dreaming of since I understood the deepness of

the Indigenous teachings in regards of their connection and respect for Mother Nature. 

Indigenous teachings from all over the world invite us to connect with her in a conscious

way, to see her as the source of life, to appreciate her unlimited gifts and to respect her. 

This will be the topic of the WISDOM mural and for that I will work in collaboration with Ottawa based knowledge keepers from Algonquin, Inuit, Méti, Afro Caribbean, Latin American, Asian, African, European, Indian and New Zealand cultures. Their teaching will be the inspiration for the concept of the mural and we will paint it together on panels along with members of the community at large in Ottawa. Once the panels are painted, they will be installed on the big south wall of the Ottawa Community Housing building located at 1365 Bank St in Ottawa shown below. 












What We Need

I have almost all I need to make this mural a reality: the support of Ottawa Community Housing, City Councillor Jean Cloutier, Catholic Centre for Immigrants (supporting all religions) and Ottawa South Community Resource Centre. Thanks to these two last institutions I was awarded the Diversity in the Arts Grant from the City of Ottawa and the Community...... from Ottawa Community Foundation for this project but if I can raise  $33.000 I will be able to make the WISDOM mural a reality.

These funds will be used to compensate the knowledge keepers and the Algonquin Emerging Artist that will be my mentee during the creation of the mural as well as for materials, installation costs and professional artist compensation. This project is divided in two phases: phase one:  The online world wide knowledge keepers round tables that will take place during the month of November and December 2020 and that will be wildly publish on social media followed by the creation of the mural concept that will be inspired in this conversations.  Phase two: the mural production and community painting sessions that will take place from January to May at the lounge of the Ottawa Community Housing building lounge and other public spaces under strict social distancing regulations. My goal is to raise $35000  by November 30, 2020.
(photo of community painting sessions).

Any amount you donate will be welcome and will help creating a bigger mural.

Bigger donations from Art supporters and believers in Universal teachings will be advertised  according to their donations in the social media campaign and on the mural plaque that will be permanently installed with the mural.

If you are a Patron of the Arts, please contact me to set up a meeting. I would be happy to tell you more about the project and about donors recognition. 

By donating to this project

You will  encourage more than 150 people from all origins, ages and genders in the creation of a landmark mural in the Capital Region and you will support Urban Art so needed in Ottawa. You will also connect with the cause, with its participants, with amazing and strong community partners and of course with Mother Nature!


















The WOW mural, 2018, created with the participation of more than 80 members of the community from all backgrounds, ages and genders.

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