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Corel Painter 12 and X3

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Learn how to paint digitally with Corel painter and how to transform your photographs into one of a kind paintings by using and expanding your creativity to unexpected levels with Corel Painter X3.

Corel Painter Master Claudia Salguero, will guide you through Painter X3 and all its artistic possibilities. You will learn about composition, balance, abstraction, color theory and basics of traditional artistic techniques.

As a professional fine-artist Claudia will also provide you with the artistic insight you need know to give life to eyes in your portraits, add realistic lights and shadows to your subjects, work with different digital papers and textures, apply your creativity adding magic to you images with vibrant colours and digital effects and more.

No previous painting experience is required!!


-WORKSHOP  -  Limited to 10 students

    March 29th and 30th  -  9am to 5pm. 

    $550 No taxes apply

-2014 SUMMER SEMI-PRIVATE SESSIONS  -  2 to 4 students

    July Saturday mornings

    July 5th to July 26th - 9am to 1pm 

    $850 No taxes apply


    $95 / hour No taxes apply

You will learn how to: 

·     Set up the Wacom tablet and Painter X3 for optimum efficiency, creativity and personal preferences. 

·     Use cloning capabilities.    

·     Give life to your painting by adding lights, shadows and texture using layers. 

·     Transform your photographs into traditional artistic mediums. 

·     Increase the richness in colour and texture through use of tone, value, saturation, focus, and contour sharpness. 

·     Express yourself with free hand digital strokes.


Understanding the tools:

·                The Wacom tablet 

·                Corel Painter X3 Interface 

·                Exploring tools  

·                Selection of a photo  

·                The story behind the image 

·                Composition- Color theory 

·                Creating the basic image: Cloning, Under-painting 

The creative process:

·                Basics of real traditional artistic techniques.

·                Creativity and expression 

·                Color making 

·                Lights and shadows 

·                The magic of layers: transforming/combining 

·                Color enhancement / special effects 

What to bring

ü  Your computer: a Mac or a Windows, laptop or desktop. Please see system requirements at

ü  Corel Painter X3 or Corel 12 software (latest version), which you can purchase, or upgrade from You can also download a Painter X3 - 30 days trial version.

ü  A Wacom tablet. Intuos or Bamboo models will work. Please install the latest Wacom driver, which you can download from

ü  Digital photos that you’d like to transform into paintings saved as jpg. Minimum 5 x 7 inches 150 dpi. 

ü  Examples of the artistic style you would like to develop if you have one.

Registration and payment

Please register and pay via to and send me the payment confirmation via e-mail. 

Your registration is confirmed upon receipt of payment in full. In case you cancel your registration 15 days prior to the workshop, you will receive the amount paid less $50 administration fee. If the cancellation is made during the two weeks prior the event, no money will be refund.   

Thank you for your registration and get ready for a fun and colourful class!!!



with Claudia Salguero 


Training your eyes and brain. Observation techniques with graphite and colour pencil.

6 weeks Module.

Experimenting with different colour pencil techniques you will learn about:

·     Basic principles: Line and shape

·     Reference points, proportions and relationship between the objects.

·     Principals of shading and lighting.



Morning classes:

      Wednesday Jan 22nd to Wed Jan 26  -  9:00 am to 11:00 am

Evening classes:

      Thursday Jan 23th to Monday Feb 27th   -   6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Materials: 1 Pad Mixed Media paper 9x12 inches

Fee: $450 (No taxes apply)

Please pay via PayPal to


                    Painter Workshops with Corel Painter Claudia Salguero

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In this two-day workshop you will learn about the unlimited artistic possibilities of this powerful software. Discover and unfold your creativity combining traditional artistic techniques with digital tools. You can create abstract art, convert photographs into paintings and more. With Corel Painter 12 your creativity will know no limits!

To see and example of Claudia’s artwork visit

Level: Beginner.No artistic experience is required.

Dec 7th and 8th, 2013 – 9am to 5pm

Fee: $550 - Suggest a friend and get 10% discount for this workshop.

In this two-day workshop you will learn how to organize your tools according to your personal preferences and to build up into your art creation through layers. By using Painter layers in the correct way you will do the impossible, such as mixing oils with inks and pastels, and you will maximize the use of digital effects such as the multiply, colorize and transparency features.  IMPORTANT: Beginner level knowledge of Painter is required, as we will not go trough the basics in this workshop.

Level Intermediate

Jan 18th and 19th, 2014 – 9am to 5pm

Claudia Salguero Studio and Gallery, Ottawa

Fee: $550 

In this two-day workshop you will learn about Painter tools and brushes designed to transform, distort and modify. You will be able to use these tools to change the look of your subjects and add magic to your images. You will be able to experience how far your creativity can go.  IMPORTANT: Beginner level knowledge of Painter is required as we will not go trough the basics in this workshop.

Level Intermediate

Jan 25th 2014 – 9am to 5pm

Fee: $300 

To see some pictures from our latest workshops, please click on the image.

What to bring:

  • Computer: a Mac or a Windows, laptop or desktop PC. Mac OS X or Windows XP or Vista, with as much RAM as you can afford (at least 500 MB recommended) and at least 5 GB free hard drive space recommended to store your data.
  • Corel Painter 12 software installed and working in your computer. (For purchase, upgrades or trial downloads visit
  • Wacom tablet (Intuos or Bamboo models will work) 6 x 8 inches or bigger.  Available at Mac store. Please install the latest Wacom driver, which you can download from
  • Digital photos that you’d like to transform into paintings.  Recommended formats: jpg, tiff, or psd.  Recommended size: Minimum 5 x 7 inches 300 dpi.
  • Your meals/diet: Participants are responsible for their own meals/diet. Kitchen facilities are available.  Coffee, tea and snacks provided.
-Please contact me for workshop details and accommodation information if needed. 
-To see some Claudia’s commissioned portraits and creations please visit: 


Please click HERE to register. Scroll down for the PAYPAL button.

Send me the payment confirmation and you will receive the Registration form.


718 Fielding Dr Ottawa ON, Canada. 

Tel (613)680-4560

Private Lessons also offered. Fee: $95/hour

Contant me for more information


Painter 12 Workshop Oct 2012   BIG SUCCES! Thanks so much to my creative, enthusiastic and hard working group of students!

We had two wonderful days of creativity, creativity and creativity!!!  Next COREL PAINTER 12 WORKSHOP to be announced! 

To see more photos of this course click on the image: 


Self-Expression Workshops

These workshops are designed to develop hand artistic skills, creativity and resourcefulness while exploring and creating art with a variety of materials such as cooper, glass, sand, clay, paper, home made plasticine, seeds and more. 

There are courses for adults and kids going on though the year. Please contact me for information about them at

To see pictures of these workshops please visit:

Claudia Salguero Self-Expression Workshops