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Wacom/Corel painter for Latin America

So honoured…  Wacom Technology Latin America has invited me as Corel Painter Master to give a series of  webinars to Digital Artist in Latin America about the “Magic of image transformation”. A dream come true! Thank you Wacom !

Wacom/Corel Painter webinars invitation. Spanish

The Brookies Art Project


The plastic caps used in the creation of the “Overbrook Food Bank Mural” in Ottawa were your amazing contribution to this awesome community Art Project!Big Thanks to Canadian Tire also for the 32 tires donated to the “Adopt the Planter” project. These Recycling works of art were developed under the umbrella of the Kids at risk and City Embellishment initiatives of the City of Ottawa.

After 10 months of planning, designing, drawing, painting, cutting, drilling and laughing with an awesome group of enthusiastic Overbrook’s teenagers, the Mural is up and the tires, converted into beautiful Planters, are being adopted by families of Overbrook in Ottawa. These planters are given to the community along with soil and plants to embellish the streets of their neighbourhood.

What an experience and how mush we all learned from it!

Thanks again!

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Digital Art

Learn how to paint digitally with Corel painter and how to transform your photographs into one of a kind paintings by using and expanding your creativity to unexpected levels with Corel Painter X3.

The magic of Digital Art. Corel Painter

      Private lessons. Contact me to book your classes.



Special discount if registering for more than one workshop!

Fee per workshop $75

Two workshops $140

Three workshops $210

Four Workshops $275

No taxes apply

It was a tire, now a garden flower pot!

Come with your partner or your kid (8 years old or older) and create an amazing flowerpot out of an old tire! An environmental project that will bring beauty and originality to your garden. 4 hours workshop. Prefect for handy and creative Guys and Dads!!

     May 24th - 9am to 1pm

     May 25th - 9am to 1pm

     Jun 8th - 9am to 1pm

Materials included: tools, paint, brushes and tires.

Bring working gloves, knee pads and old cloth

4 hours Workshop

Limited to 10 teams of two

Please pay via PayPal to

Sand Art

Sand has been used for centuries in many cultures to create art. Learn how to mix sand to create colours and how to apply it to a design drawn on a canvas. Teens and adults.

      Tuesday May 27th - 9am to 12:30m

      Thursday May 29th - 9am to 12:30m 

      Tuesday Sept 16th - 9am to 12:30m 

      Thursday Sept 18th - 9am to 12:30m    

Materials: Included

3.5 hours Workshop

Limited to 12 participants

Please pay via PayPal to

Seed Mandalas

Mandalas contain and transmit messages and meanings which could be unique to the mandala creator or universal. In this session participants will use natural seeds to create a unique personal Mandala. Teens and adults.

      Tuesday June 10th - 9am to 12:30m 

      Thursday June 12th - 9am to 12:30m 

      Tuesday Sept 23rd - 9am to 12:30m

      Thursday Sept 25th - 9am to 12:30m

Materials: Included

3.5 hours Workshop

Limited to 12 participants

Please pay via PayPal to

Cooper mobiles

Cooper is one of the most beautiful and ductile metals to create art with. Participants will learn to use players to create wire cooper structures and shapes and how to ensemble them into a creative mobile.

      Tuesday Jun 3rd   -  9:00am to 12:30pm

      Thursday June 5th   -  9am to 12:30pm

      Tuesday Sept 9th  - 9am to 12:30pm

      Thursday Sept 11th  - 9am to 12:30pm

Materials: Included

3.5 hours Workshop

Limited to 12 participants

Please pay via PayPal to

Training your eyes. Observation techniques

Training your eyes and brain. Observation techniques with graphite and colour pencil. 6 hours.  Teens and adults.

Experimenting with different colour pencil techniques you will learn about:

·     Basic principles: Line and shape

·     Reference points, proportions and relationship between the objects.

·     Principals of shading and lighting.

Thursdays Jun 19th and 26  -  9:00 am to 12:00m

Materials: 1 Pad Mixed Media paper 9x12 inches

Fee: $150 (No taxes apply)

Limited to 10 participants

Please pay via PayPal to



The magic of Digital Art. Corel Painter

Click on the image to see more pictures

Corel Painter Master Claudia Salguero, will guide you through Painter X3 and all its artistic possibilities. 

As a professional fine-artist Claudia will also provide you with the artistic insight you need know to give life to eyes in your portraits, add realistic lights and shadows to your subjects, work with different digital papers and textures, apply your creativity adding magic to you images with vibrant colours and digital effects and more.

No previous painting experience is required!!

-PRIVATE SESSIONS  $95 / hour No taxes apply

Interested? Email me at and will tell you all about it.